Industrial Material and Air Handling Fans

Koger Air Industrial Material and Air Handling Fans range from sizes 11″ to 41″ and are fabricated from 3/4″ or heavier plate to handle system capacities from 660 to 60,000 cfm of air. Each fan is totally interchangeable to a clockwise or counterclockwise discharge.


In addition, the fans are precision balanced in two planes, side-to-side and end-to-end, to minimize noise and vibration. Standard-size fans normally ship same day of order. Special-order fans made of Abrasion-Resistant, Stainless and Heat-Resistant Steels are normally shipped within two weeks.

  • Fan Wheel

    • Radial open and self-cleaning
    • Six-bladed wheel is a solid weld design with single spokes in fan sizes 11″ and 13″, and dual spokes for fan sizes 15″ through 41″
  • Fan Bearings

    • Self-aligning, double row tapered roller bearings
    • One-piece cast iron bearing housing handles high radial and thrust loads
  • Shafting

    • Precision machined from ground, polished and straightened shafting
  • Scroll Housing

    • 100% welded, heavy-duty scroll housing
    • Interchangeable to a clockwise or counterclockwise discharge
  • Pedestal

    • Heavy-duty pedestal supports, bearings, shaft and wheel
    • Bearing mounts allow easy removal of bearings while giving maximum support to moving parts
    • Removable pedestal allows assembly in desired rotation
  • Inlets and Outlets

    • Fan inlet is proportional to the fan outlet
    • Standard fan inlet is a straight collar design for removal of fan sleeve connection
    • Standard fan outlet is a flanged construction to provide maximum strength and simplify outside bolt connection of ductwork
  • Custom Options

    • Shaft seal
    • Custom materials for wheel and housing include Abrasion-Resistant, Stainless and Heat-Resistant Steels
    • Unitary Steel Support
    • Flexible Inlet and Outlet Connections
    • Flanged Inlet
    • Outlet Transition
    • Access Door
    • Drain
    • Arrangement 9
    • Back Plate Wheels


A catalog including performance charts for sizes 11″ – 41″ fans is downloadable.

AMCA Licensed

AMCA CertifiedKoger Air Corporation certifies that the Koger Industrial Material and Air Handling Fans shown here are licensed to bear the AMCA seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and comply with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.