Experience Like No Other.

Since we began, we’ve built our reputation as experts in the design, fabrication, installation and service of industrial pneumatic and material conveying systems and equipment. Over the years, we’ve mastered the proper pneumatic material handling and ventilation of industrial manufacturing processes throughout North America.

The types of systems we handle include dust collection and control, industrial ventilation, air filtration, fume exhaust, process materials management, pneumatic trailer loading, and product metering.  We also design, fabricate and install piping systems for biomass, bioenergy, thermal and catalytic oxidation applications.

Projects Managed.

Each project is handled by a dedicated hands-on project manager. They work with you to identify your specific needs, create a tailored, custom solution and oversee your project from its start to its completion. We provide everything you need: from on-site inspections, project evaluations and research to proposed resolutions and CAD drawings.

Customized Solutions.

Every environment is different. The key to a clean inside and outside environment is the quick and efficient capture of dust. Each Koger Air system is custom-designed to handle your specific airflow and product collection needs, including transfer methods for waste collection, material separation or recycling.


Our teams are fully equipped and staffed for all phases of transporting, erecting, storing and on-site assembling of parts, equipment and systems.  Installations are performed by experienced field mechanics who work to meet your specifications and time schedules with minimal or no interruption to your manufacturing processes.  We also offer dismantling and relocation services for your existing systems.

There for You.

Our technical staff provides prompt service in any situation, and immediate attention is given to emergencies. All of your project specifications, plans and CAD drawings are kept on file for easy retrieval and are available for use in the event of any future changes, expansions, service and maintenance.  We also fabricate and stock standard industrial sheet metal component parts, airlocks and fans for immediate shipment; we fabricate custom-built cyclones, fans, airlocks, components and fittings on an as-needed basis to meet or exceed any delivery schedules.

Examples of our work.